Rainy Elliot
О моя чудесная, моя изумительная катастрофа...(с)// Это мой первый визит в Галактику Ужаса. И пусть он останется приятным(с)// Хорёк-параноик в фиолетовом плаще(почти(с))

Virginia has traumas in her life that don't get explored very often, and she handles them both well and poorly, as any human does. In this series, we get to watch, not only a very complicated, sweet, heart-wrenching, funny, sad, exciting relationship develop, but also watch her find herself, grow into herself, find and believe in her own strength and courage... and learn how to trust people again...

She's one of my favs.

So although I love all the fanvids out there that focus on her coming to love Wolf... I think the true journey of the series is her coming to love herself.

So I vidded it. ;) A Virginia/self esteem, Virginia/confidence, Virginia/healing, Virginia/self-love, Virginia/Happiness vid.

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