Rainy Elliot
О моя чудесная, моя изумительная катастрофа...(с)// Это мой первый визит в Галактику Ужаса. И пусть он останется приятным(с)// Хорёк-параноик в фиолетовом плаще(почти(с))
Кому нужен какой-то там сон, когда есть недочитанный Dragon Strange :lol::lol:

Warden: Since it’s night let’s go back to Lothering for that quest first.
Alistair: Ok then.
Warden: Wait, I actually made a choice? It mattered? Incredible!
Alistair: Don’t get used to it.

Owen: Well I let you in. Whadda ya want?
Leliana: Smells like a brewery in here!
Alistair: Somebody’s been drinking.
Owen: I read the sсript for this game and knew I couldn’t do it sober. How you manage it I dunno.
Warden: Good point, pass me that flask!
Morrigan friendship +10

Alistair: A dragon! You made a dragon!
Warden: I didn’t mean to!
Alistair; Undo it! Undo it!

Qwerty: Denerim? I thought you said it happened in Orlais?
Leliana: Orlais, Denerim, I get them confused sometimes. They both look like Lothering

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