Rainy Elliot
О моя чудесная, моя изумительная катастрофа...(с)// Это мой первый визит в Галактику Ужаса. И пусть он останется приятным(с)// Хорёк-параноик в фиолетовом плаще(почти(с))
I’ll fully admit that I have made my fair share of jokes about the fandom and I’ll even cop to the fact that a lot of them can be construed as mean-spirited. If it means anything, I never meant any of my jokes to be an attack on anyone and that…I understand. I understand that being around people in general can be scary and that it’s made worse when it seems like everyone around you has you pegged as a socially inept loser. I understand the need and want to make a real connection with another person, be it platonic or romantic–especially romantic. I understand that no man is an island but when there’s no one around you, you can feel like you’re drowning. I understand that in this day and age where talking with someone who is thousands of miles away from you is only a key stroke away still can’t replace a friendly pat on the shoulder to help lighten the burden of life. I understand that women can seem difficult and demanding and I also understand that men can seem scary and threatening. And I also understand that in the absence of this connection, what might temporarily meet this need is a figurine of your favorite character or a poster of your favorite character or even a body pillow. And I also understand that purchasing these things can make you feel ashamed, like you’re admitting that yes, you are a socially inept loser because who else would buy it? But I want to tell you, not just the people who purchased a body pillow or a full-length figurine or even just the Otakus out there, but anyone who feels like they have no friends or anyone who could feel alone in a crowded room or anyone who just wants one person to say they care about them, I want to say you’re okay.x

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